megan frazer

stefanSince moving to Maine 25 years ago I have been surrounded by beauty. Whether in the mountains, amidst rural farms or on the coast..landscapes abound.  Throughout the four seasons, each sight I paint offers an individuality and uniqueness special to the state of Maine.  The fact that I paint outside on location makes each day new.  Be it overcast or sunny, snowy or green, ablaze with fall colors or barren of leaves, every location I paint is constantly in change.  With this continual flux I am able to paint a number of paintings in each spot, every work attaining an individuality all its own.  The intellectual challenge of designing each piece and then undertaking its construction is very meaningful to me as an artist.  Capturing the sparkling light of late afternoon or the reflections in a rushing stream will always excite my senses. Last but not least, being in the great outdoors every day, the fresh air, and an occasional long hike to a remote location is my inspiration to work.  My influences are numerous. From the famous French Impressionist, Corot and Sisely to the Rockport school's A.T. Hibbard, Emile Gruppe and Paul Strisick, Californian artists, William Wendt and Edgar Payne are all my "heros" and were themselves "Plein Aire painters.  Although most of my word is done in Maine you will rarely see me anywhere without my paints.  Any day that goes by without dipping my brush in paint is a disappointment if not a total loss.


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